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海海域(1)海!海!开放的海!大海啊!大海啊!浩瀚的大海! 蓝色,清新,永??远地自由自在!蓝色,清新,永??远免费! 没有标志,没有束缚,没有标志,没有境界它围绕地球的广泛地区的圆形绕地球; 扮演的云,它嘲笑天空;打


I RememberDo you know that I'm OK?Are there things you wanna say?Thinking of you night and dayHopping you'll come back and stayI remember when you told meI'll be all rightDon't worryI try and try to understandIs all this just a sad good bye?

To remember me 记住我 文章来源:极品英语 Robert N. Test About Robert N Test A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Robert Test was a writer for television and radio when he wrote this essay. He had previously experienced some severe health

故乡故乡的原风景 一棵树雨的印记 雪晴雪之梦

Biography of Interest终于找到了!英语书里面难得的一首好歌


我记得有一期的《英语广场美文》上有一首诗,叫But you didn't(可是你没有),应该符合你的要求:《But You Didn't》Remember the day I borrowed your brand new car and dented it?I thought you'd kill me, but you didn't.And remember the time

I remember,I remember,The house where I was born,The little window where the suncame peeping in at morn;He never came a wink too soon,Nor brought too long a day,But now ,I often wish the nighthad borne my breath away.我还记得,我还记得

Promiseby Jessica Sills As you sit in silence, If a close friend hurts you,Wondering why And you don't understandI'll be your shoulder to cry on Remember I'm here,Until your tears run dry. I'll lend a helping hand.When you've been hurt, Burdens are

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