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A Chinese boy

asian boy tube 亚洲男孩管 Asian[英][en][美][en, en] n.亚洲人; adj.亚洲的,亚洲人的; 复数:Asians 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Asian stock markets have collapsed. 亚洲股市已大幅下挫.

1、takes 2、homework 3、going 4、because 5、tired 6、time 可能要错一两个..

峰值 集a 被分成了四分之一(四个峰值)你这句话应该是在理科类的书上的吧?

dou kou ,a chinese boy ,mayber the 斗口,一个中国男孩,也许这 He is a three-year-old Chinese boy, wearing a red jacket.他是三岁的华裔小男孩,身穿红色外套.

This English boy can not do Chinese kung fu

I am a Chinese boy.我是一个中国男孩.I want to have/get a pen pal.我想交个笔友.I also like going to the movies,because the music in the movies is great.我也喜欢看电影,因为电影里的音乐很好听.(主语是the music,而in the movies是定语,所以谓语跟着主语就是单数,is.)


i'm a Chinese boy named Li Ming

We Chinese live in China. The map of China looks like a cock. Chinese like red color. People love theirs country. We all want to give our big love to Chi na too.

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