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小题1:D小题2:C小题3:A小题4:C小题5:B 小题1:因为感觉有趣的所以才去学小题2:A month passes.The time comes for Ann to play for her father.可以看出是一个月小题3:He soon finds a violin teacher

Father's daughter is living 或者用animated.我觉得有血有肉应该是活生生的意思……

答案:1.C;2.B;3.C;4.D;解析:(1) 这是一道推断猜义题,根据第一段中“Parents 可知,他们弄不懂孩子的心思,因为上文说了“Sometimes she wants to be treated

A daughter asks her mom for the candy money, but the mom says, 'We've got no money, or let's sell your daddy for your candy,shall we ?' At that, the daughter bursts out crying, saying, 'Everyone has already got a daddy, so who wants mine ? '

[ti:Hailie's song] [ar:Eminem] [al:The Eminem Show] [by:Qoo] [offset:-2000] Hailie's song Parenthesis indicate echoes [00:08.15]I can't sing it我不能唱 [00:09.65]I feel like singin'我想要唱歌 [00:12.40]I wanna fuckin' sing我他妈的想唱歌 [00:15.18]

是Lindsay Lohan唱的--Confessions of a broken heart歌词:)~I wait for the postman to bring me a letterI wait for the good Lord to make me feel betterAnd I carry the weight of the world on my shouldersA family in crisis that only grows olderWhy'd

My daughter likes watching TV and listening to music. Simon's friend's sister wants to be a singer when she grows up. 那个``` 第2句我不确定前面“西蒙朋友的姐姐”是否翻译得对

16-20 C B A B C 21-25 D C B C B 26-30 A C D B C16.C 考查动词 结合下文21处的 故选A 19.B 考查动词 结合She was wearing her daddy's earplugs (耳塞) and 推断此

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