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go wrong造句

go wrong,走错路, (机器等)发生故障. there is some noise. the machine must go wrong. i think we go wrong. we are lost.

All the things have went wrong!

go wrong: 出错; 发生故障1, Where (ie At what point) did I go wrong in my calculation?我在计算中什麽地方出了差错?2, She tends to over-react when things go wrong.事情一有差错她往往反应过激.

everything may go wrong when we are in bad moodBill Gates always owes hie success to his familyIt is all my fault ,please foive me

Today,my teacher rang (让)me zao ju(造句)with "go wrong".翻译:今天,老师让我用go wrong 造句.Today,my teacher you rang wo zaoju(又让我造句),用strange哦!

I'm wrong.翻译为:“我错了.”

What's wrong with you?

go wrong出毛病;弄错;发生故障出毛病;弄错;发生故障有不明白的地方再问哟,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)

at least: You should read at least half an hour a day.He smoked at least half a packet of cigarettes a day. 他每天至少抽半包烟. ask sb for advice If you have problems on English, you should ask your teacher for advice.go wrong:弄错The sum is

如果非得这样用的话应该也是",出现毛病的意思,误入歧途,发生问题貌似没有“go to wrong”这个短语啊;go wrong&quot

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