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商品流通,人口迁移,思想沟通,文化融合. 物品移动,人口移动,观念移动,文化移动

people on the move人进行辅助翻译例句1.Under the people's protection,we were able to move about as freely as fish in water.在群众的保护下,我们就如鱼得水,可以自由

你好!To move people all over the world, we must first move the heart of the world仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

现在很多人正搬往城市 翻译:Now many people are moving to the city.例句:Now a lot of people move from rural to urban living .现在很多人都搬到城市里居住.

你好.people on the move翻译成中文是:移动的人; 人们在移动.

只有真诚才能打动人心 Only in good faith can move people

不能随便动别人的东西 Don't touch others' stuff casually.

Not all people move from the city to the country's people are happy

搜一下:翻译成英文,不要有道什么的 商鞅在集市南门立了三丈高的木头,说能把它搬到北门的就给他十金.百姓们

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