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My birthday My birthday's in April. It was my birthday last Monday. I had a big birthday party at home . Many friends came to my home that day. They gave me a lot of birthday presents. We sang , danced and played games. We also ate birthday

My Birthday Yesterday was my birthday. I had a lot of fun with my family and friends. I got up early to take a walk with my friends .Because I wanted to enjoy the first morning in my 16th year. During the walk I talked happily with my friends about the past

Today is fool's day and it's also my birthday. My name is Sam. I'm 11 years old. In my past birthday party, Mother usually bought some interesting books for me and my father

My BirthdayToday is my birthday.I am very happy and excited.I got up very early.I had breakfast quickly and went shopping with my perants.In the afternoon.My friends came to my house. We had a bi

Tday is my birthday,so I am very happy.I celebrate it every year with my family and my friends.every year,I hold a little birthday party and invite my friends over.we chat and play

Today is my birthday. This is a special day.I think that one day I would be very happy.My mother gave me to do a party.Today there are a lot of my best friends to see.I received a lot of gifts.I had a great time today

Today is my birthday ninth. My mother and my grandma bought me a big cake. When I got home, I saw a cake on the table. Nine candles and a gift next to the cake. I asked my mother's gift is what. Mother told me: "it is a scarf. "Thank you mom and grandma. I love you!" Today I am very happy.

以“我的生日晚会”为题,提示:dance、sing、guitar、happy. 大概讲我的生日晚会 也就是初一的一篇作文.字数不少于60.多谢了Today is fool's day and it's also my

My heart is like a singing birdWhose nest is in a watered shoot;My heart is like an apple treeWhose boughs are bent with thickset fruit;My heart is like a rainbow shellThat

I was born in March 10,1989.So March 10 is my birthday.I began to give a birthday party in 1996.Later on I have my birthday party every year.Last Saturday I had my birthday

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