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歌吗?我有链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eoelq1xsgkb9nhooaixoga 密码:59x5

Avicii - The Nights Hey, once upon a younger year 嘿 还年少时 When all our shadows disappeared 我们所有的掩饰都消逝 The animals inside came out to play 尽情释放内心的狂野

下载地址:http://vlin666.syboy.com/user1/mell/archives/2006/2006318213241.html老鹰乐队经典歌曲 Eagles的歌大都出自于Don Henley、Glen Frey之手,他们两人是乐队的核心人物,也是自始至终唯一坚守自己岗位的老成员.Don Henley曾是

Hold On To The Nights http://m.hzxsyh.com/35/5269/31515/91021428.wma

日不落这首歌的原唱是Ryan Farish 的Sunshine In The Rain 歌词不容易找到 加点分吧 呵呵 When I'm in Berlin you're off to London When I'm in New York you're doing Rome All those crazy nights we spend together As voices on the phone Wishing

《the nights》歌曲原唱 Avicii(尼古拉斯“拉斯”弗隆) 谱曲 航空工业第二集团公司 编曲 航空工业第二集团公司 Hey, once upon a younger year.嘿 还年少时.When all our shadows disappeared.我们所有的掩饰都消逝.The animals inside

长歌一曲, www.baidu.com

http://midwwy.googlepages.com/cryonmyshoulder-21stcentur.wma 《cry on my shoulder》if the hero never comes to you 如果男主角还没有出现,if you need someone you're feeling blue. 如果你需要有一个人你感觉忧伤 if you wait for love and you

试一下这个:http://dm707.v.iask.com/fs/707/1/b48cca9ded890574cbe838f8aee381c78732098/mp3/7_764557.mp3右键点击另存为可直接下载. 赶快下载吧,链接很快就失效的, 如果不行,可以留言给我.Hedley - For The Nights I Can't

Richard Marx -《Greatest Hits》http://lib.verycd.com/2004/08/22/0000018063.html01. slipping away 02. thanks to you 03. now and forever 04. endless summer nights 05. don't mean nothing 06. angel's lullaby 07. children of the night 08. should've

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